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VY2ZM ARRL DX TEST CW - SOAB Unassisted - K0DQ Opr
4057 Q's 411 Multipliers 5,001,048 Points

Posted February 27, 2009
To the Reader from K1ZM/VY2ZM:
This past weekend, I had the pleasure of having Scott Redd, K0DQ (also known as the "Veracruz Viper" from his XE1IIJ days) guest operate my station VY2ZM on Prince Edward Island.  The notion of doing this had been in the planning stages for over a year and through a series of emails and digital photographs, I did my best to acquaint Scott with the ins and outs of my station.  It seems as if all the advance planning worked out well as Scott has posted the high-claimed score for W/VE in ARRL DX CW - a staggering 5,001,048 points which will easily withstand the log review process and secure him a win for this contest.
I might add that I spent 6 great days with Scott on PEI and I really enjoyed his company.  We share a common Navy background (of sorts!) and have known each other off and on since 1971 when I first worked him as XE1IIJ when I was DL5BR operating from Bremerhaven Germany.  I also should note that Scott was a real TROOPER in the latter half of this contest because he was really sick as a "DOG" yet managed to finish the contest - literally in survival mode by means of CLUB SODA, DRY TOAST and PEPTO BISMOL.  Anything else would make him sicker than he already was - and it was only his desire to finish well that kept him in the chair.  I did what I could to rally his spirits along the way - and it was quite something to see him go at it.  He is a great talent and it was a pleasure to give him a chance to operate my station.
Now here's his report to 3830 and his remembrances of what it was like to operate the contest from VY2ZM: